Is it safe?

All the parts in the kits are UL approved parts which are within the required ratings for this application. The switch is of very high quality (made of silver rather than the typical tin or brass which has more electrical resistance) and is stamped appropriately with UL approval according to the requirements of UL 484 (Room Air Conditioners) which requires such switch to support the in-rush LRA current of the fan motor. Wiring is UL1015 14AWG (same as used in the unit from the factory). All connectors are high quality and fully insulated. The relay used in the heatstrip kit is properly rated and is actually identical to the relay Coleman uses inside of the heatstrip itself which provides the safety shutoff manual reset functionality (as required by UL 484).

Will it damage my air conditioner in any way?

The kit does not damage the air conditioner and actually decreases wear on the fan since it will be in use less time than without the kit. The air conditioner compressor is unaffected.

For the heatstrip supported kit, a small hole will need to be drilled into the plastic ceiling assembly inner controlbox panel (out of site).

Will installing the AutofanKit void my warranty?

According to the warranty, only if the kit causes the damage will the warranty be voided. And keep in mind that the kit is completely removable (the heatstrip version does require some modification to the unit) and the unit completely restorable to factory condition.

What is required for the installation?

The installation requires removing and lowering of the ceiling assembly. Basic tools (screwdrivers and pliers) are all that is needed.

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